About Us


About Us

Quality products at your fingertips.


Online delivery has become a go-to for the fast-paced lifestyle of Singaporeans, and the need to fulfil deliveries has become one of the most important industries in the country and abroad. With this in mind, we thought to ourselves that there should be a service that can deliver to you everything you need, fast, reliable and affordable.

The Lim Shop carries everything you would need for a full pantry, from stock essentials to personal beauty. We are committed to giving you the best deals and utmost customer service, with your purchases ready per your requested schedule, hassle-free.




We put your concerns as a priority and we truly want to give you a great experience in online delivery -- without hassle and with true customer satisfaction



We want you to get the best value for your money and we strive to help you find the best promos and discounts.



We want you to enjoy a hassle-free service at a fair price, a perfect balance between quality and affordability.